structured goals

In this week’s video we suggest when setting your structured goals to consider work and personal goals in the process, as both impact the goals that will be achieved.

I’ve had the opportunity to run Goals setting workshop for a number of clients, one in particular hadn’t had structured goals in place previously.  Throughout the session we focussed on what each of the staff members wanted to achieve from a work perspective and how their performance contributed to the overall performance of the company. Excellent… the company was going to be in great shape come Dec 2017.

“What if I want to buy a house or take extended leave next year ?” These will have an impact on work & business goals yet aren’t generally considered as part of work & business goals.” By integrating these, you have a complete strategy of how your next month, 90 days, year will look like when you achieve all of your goals. With this comes even more clarity.

Here are three benefits of combining all your goals for 2018 in to the one list: 

  1. Alignment – getting clear on career and personal achievements for the year allows you to plan the effort required to achieve all your goals. Direction inside and outside the workplace can help you become more efficient in allocating your time

  2. Accountability – Within the workspace we generally have others to hold us accountable. By bringing the personal element in, those in your team can help you deliver on your ambitions (half marathon, engagement etc)

  3. Communication – all those in your circles are aware of the standards you expect to get your results. Work, hobbies & personal all take effort and having your standards clear with each group means others are clear on the part they play and what it means to them.

It may seem like a simple concept….. that’s because it is. Combining and communicating your personal & business goals to all those who play a part in helping you achieve them, means everyone is clear on what you want to achieve and can play their part.  

This week, if you only have work related goals ask yourself would things be easier if those around me knew what I was trying to achieve…. if yes then set some for Q4 and see how efficient you can be.         

Have an awesome week!