Structuring your day

In this week’s video, we explore the concept of structuring to get back time in your day, something we all seem to want yet find challenging to achieve. 

It’s quite ironic that the one thing we want in our day, the freedom to be able to undertake additional activities that either help us grow or make us feel enriched, is best achieved through becoming more structured in our days. How is this so ?

Generally we set out at the start of a day with our To Do List… a bunch of activities that we need to get done. As the day progresses, activities are completed and also added to the list. With this in mind, are there ways to most effectively clear this list so as you can add growth activities (i.e.. personal development, family time, social conscience activities)?  

Here are some tips to get back some time:

  • Eat the Frog – if you do the one thing you most dislike first each day, you are safe knowing that it’s probably the worst thing you will do all day ( from Brian Tracy’s “Eat that Frog”)

  • Prioritise – look at your “Will Do List” and rank activities based on importance & delivery expectations

  • Block out time – Set aside chunks of time to read and respond to email, focus on specific tasks, write articles, give your time to team members etc.

  • Be ok with asking the question “Can I give this to you tomorrow?” Set the expectation up front that the task is noted yet in a priority list.

So this week, take 20mins at the start of every day to assess your “Will Do List” and get strategic about how your day is going to fold out.  

Let me know your thoughts and have an awesome week!