Business coaching helps create time and give back control

Business coaching helps create time and give back control

“Teams that consistently perform at the highest levels are able to come together and be unified across the organization – staff, players, coaches, management, and ownership. When everyone is on the same page, trust develops, and teams can grow and succeed together.” Jerry Reinsdorf

Over the past week I’ve spoken to a number of quality leaders across a number of different industries, all frustrated with the results they are currently getting. The desire to create an effective strategy and generate even better results was consistent throughout each business…. so too was the frustration of not having time to create this strategy. This frustration could be alleviated by taking control and owning the space around you.

So how, then, do you choose to take ownership of your situation? Here are three tips to help:

  1. Be 100% Responsible – everything that happens in the space around you can impact you and your direction. Yet it’s the way we choose to let it impact us that changes the results we get. Accept that things happened, own where you are now and choose your next steps forward with a focus on getting your desired results.

  2. Be 100% Honest – we can sugar coat things so we don’t feel so bad about not getting quality results. Be honest and say “You know what, that just wasn’t good enough from me” or “That was an awesome decision, time to make some more”. Honesty allows us to see where we need to lift our game and where we are on point.

  3. Value you and your time – being in control of our time is so powerful. Having the power to say “no”… or even “not yet” gives you the ability to make things fit in to your schedule for you to be most efficient. Create an environment where you are in control and you will have others eager to work with you.

This week, make time to sit by yourself and check in on how you are handling the space around you. Are you owning everything that comes in to your space, or are you shovelling the responsibility and ownership to someone else? Be the one who controls their space and you will get the best results ever.

Forward this on to those in your networks who need to create positive change in their circles. If you need help creating positive change and getting better results, send a note to and we’ll get in contact.

Have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director