“When you’re around someone good, your own standards are raised”.
Ritchie Blackmore

Business Journey

“I’m frustrated that the people i’m supposed to be working with don’t get it and I have to keep pushing them to get the message across. It’s taking up a lot of my time and it’s easier to just do the things myself”. This is one of the most common frustrations that come up in Business Strategy sessions, across many industries. 

Why does this frustration keep coming up? Obviously there is a mismatch of expectations. A breakdown in the clear setting of, communication of, or management of these expectations will create a gap in standards and impact the results delivered. Being clear up front removes the uncertainty and has everyone on the same page before things kick off… sometimes literally.  

So how do we set us, our teams and our customers up to create excellent results? Here are some tips that have worked for our clients:

  • Beliefs/Assumptions will make things worse – when we make assumptions about others, that they should be able to do something or behave in a particular way, we create an immediate mismatch as we all think / act differently. Ask the question “So what do you think is needed to get this done” to get an idea on where their mindset is.

  • Apply the “5 Year old” test – when setting expectations, explain it in such a way that a 5 year old could understand it. It’s not to treat them like that (although sometimes it feels like it’s needed)., the simplicity provides an opportunity to be very clear up front. Asking “So what is it you are going to be doing” allows confirmation of their understanding in their own words.

  • Think long term – it’s easier to do something yourself and no one can do it as well as you… but that will never shift if we choose to keep doing it ourselves. Make time, create the expectations, get the understanding and invest in the process to create more time for you.

To get the most out of those around us we need to take them on a journey. Simply telling and expecting things to happen will make for a very bumpy road. Be clear up front, make it obvious and simple what’s required and trust the process to deliver the results you want.

Forward this on to those in your networks so they too can get value from our regular tips. If you want to be that leader who sets their standard at levels others will follow, send us a note at strategy@mentorisgroup.com.au and let’s chat about how we can add value.

Have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director