Team Building

Over the past few months I have been invited to join a number of organisations in varying capacities. Team Building, Board Member, Business mentor and forecasting specialist, Head Coach… adding to existing responsibilities of son, grandson, godfather, brother, fiance and my favourite…. fun uncle!     

These recent appointments all have something in common…. they involve joining a new team and being in a position of responsibility to get results and make things happen. Getting up to speed quickly in new roles can be challenging, especially where there is an expectation of getting results.

Here are 3 tips i’ve used to help me hit the ground running and to maximise team building:  

  1. Get to know your team members – getting the best out of you and your team takes knowing how each one operates and what is the best method of dealing with them. Make time to speak with the team and find out what motivates them to be even more successful. I’ve found meetings with board members and the coaching teams to be effective.

  2. Get clear on the desired outcomes – stepping in to a new team situation requires knowing what the team are trying to achieve and why it matters to them. Clarity on their direction helps you strategically position yourself to be best able to deliver value. Reviewing the strategic plans worked for me.

  3. Play to your strengths – you have obviously been included in this new team based on the skills you have that will add to the existing skills of the team. Immediately put these skills to work, proactively challenging the standards and helping to raise the expectations of those involved. Making introductions with companies has helped create momentum in my case.

So this week, when you find yourself having to interact with a new team, different departments, new clients, new position, apply these tips and get even better results more quickly.    

If this would resonate with those in your networks please forward and if you want help to implement these send me a note at

Cheers and have an awesome week!