What Clients Say


Strategy Testimonials:

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“We at BMM Group worked with Paul at Mentoris to reset our Corporate Strategy when we incorporated a new partner in to our organisation in 2017. Having an agreed purpose, direction and clear next steps was key to allowing the BMM Group to be fully aligned in our proposed growth. The half day workshop was pitched at the right level and well facilitated. It’s given us a great base to now deliver on.”

- Ben McDonnell, Director, BMM Group



- Deanne Luke, Founder, The Bleecker Group

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I have had the pleasure of working with Paul over the course of several years with Repsol (formally Talisman Energy) in the Papua New Guinea exploration and development assets.

During this time, I witnessed Paul to be an enthusiastic, reliable, honest and integral member of the extended leadership team who led teams through his values and was held in high regard by his team members, peers and the senior leadership team. In particular I worked closely with Paul to facilitate senior leadership team quarterly strategic workshops, designed to challenge the way we were thinking, how we were achieving results, and what further scenarios could improve or challenge the business goals. Paul was invaluable in this process as he was able to take his strengths and apply them to challenge the way leadership was performing and in turn helped create a culture within the business that was focused on the total wellbeing of the people within the business. 

I have followed Paul’s progress with Mentoris Group and would not hesitate to bring Paul back into the business to support team and individual development, fulfilment and refocus on what’s important to the business, the wellbeing of its people. 

- David Lester, Chief Office Representative, Repsol (PNG)


Paul Farmer is a Genius and I am so grateful!

Paul and I have been working together for twelve months now with Mentoring and Accountability work for my business. Initially weekly, now fortnightly I am totally stoked with the results I have to date. Paul has the ability to see through a different set of eyes, whatever it is I’m trying to achieve, and can offer me a different way of doing things to achieve the results I actually want.

Clarity is so important in a business, especially when you are the only one in it. That’s where I have found Paul’s mentoring and thought process to be most helpful. He’s a great “sounding board” for when I’m mulling over an issue, and his experiences allow him to tap in to a vast pool of knowledge to throw out a pearl of wisdom, to help solve any situation.

Paul is curious, intelligent, witty and tough when he needs to be…(with me that’s been often!) My business is in a much better place now, largely in part due to the work I’ve put in with Paul.

Like I said… truly grateful. Thank you, for all you are and all you bring to our coaching and mentoring sessions.

- Belinda Shaw, Director, No BS Business Strategies

Being a small business owner I’d reached a point where I always seemed to be busy, yet wasn’t seeing the results and growth. I spoke to Paul and we quickly implemented an accountability system, whereby I prepare and share my weekly goals each Sunday night and we have a call each Friday to discuss my week's successes. Paul challenges me on my standards, beliefs, strategies and time management which is exactly what I was looking for. It’s taken my focus to a new level and can’t thank Paul enough for helping me step up.

- Richard Comer, Owner, The Vehicle Broker


Group Testimonials:

Paul led our firm through a Goals Workshop which was interactive and intuitive.  More importantly, the staff were able to get a lot out of it – giving them guidance and the necessary momentum to put down their career and personal goals.  In addition, Paul was able to masterfully ensure that the goals set up by staff were interwoven with the goals of NB Lawyers.  I was very impressed and I recommend Paul to any company especially businesses looking to grow and retain their staff. 

- Jonathan Mamaril, Principal and Director, NB Lawyers


Since 2011 Paul has had a major impact on the development of the players at the University of Queensland Rugby Club. Applying a measured and strategic approach, he ensures the personal development of the players is a priority. Mentoring, goal setting, overcoming challenges and building better people all underpin his successful style. We look forward to increasing Paul's involvement in 2017 and beyond.

- Cameron Chater (UQ Rugby Club General Manager)

Personal Testimonials:

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Paul from Mentoris. Before getting coaching with Paul I was somewhat stuck in life and felt like I was going around in circles. I wasn’t happy, I had no vision or clarity around what I was doing and didn’t know where I wanted to end up, which was having a very negative impact on my life. But then I started getting some coaching sessions with Paul. He helped me get rid of some limiting beliefs that were holding me back and helped me figure out some attainable goals that I am now working towards. I now feel great and it’s having a huge impact on my life. I can’t thank Paul enough for that. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He’s a great guy, he listens and he cares. I can’t thank you enough Paul.

- Brian Page


"Paul helped change my life. I was in a rut and felt like I was drowning in a career I didn’t love or have a passion for anymore. After several one-on-one consultations, I had clarity of what I wanted to achieve, my confidence increased in making a decision and I was able to move forward. I ended up changing my career direction by Paul helping me narrow down my true passions and defining my skill set…  and now I have the job of my dreams being Marketing Manager for a Travel Agency. I never imagined what working with Paul would have done. A great and necessary experience, essential to make things happen in my life. I can't thank him enough."

- Nikki Kennedy

"Paul initially helped me understand what was most important in my life and then design a broken down plan to achieve each of the goals in the different areas in life. It was about looking at what was in balance and what what out of balance and designing an action plan to bring the entire life structure together. The systems and tools were well thought out and easy to follow. I'm now refocused and have a clear path moving forward with accountability action steps along the way. Exactly what I need!"

- Chris Williams (Paddington PT)


"I would like to thank you immensely for the opportunity. For me it was a process of becoming aware of many things in my personal life and learning at the same time along the way. My experience as your client was very good. Thank you for conducting the sessions with such respect, ethic, care and great sense of humor. Thank you for helping me think and reflect demonstrating in a practical way the importance of focus, discipline and awareness of what you want. Thank you for your time and dedication."

- Milena Pilla Widholzer