“It all adds up…never discount your efforts, because small efforts build big things. One word doesn’t make a novel, but one word does begin a novel, and from that small beginning everything else follows. Even if it’s just ‘The’, write something on that blank page”. – Laurell K. Hamilton

Making a difference to you, your team and your business can sometimes seem like a challenging prospect. We’ve seemingly exhausted all options, created the change we can and we still feel like the hamster on the wheel. Have you felt this in the past or are you feeling it now?

It’s at this point we will consider taking on that big change we feel will be the game changer, that “hail mary” decision we think will create the momentum we need. Before we get to that point, we can take small steps along the way to ensure we are making progress, and this will make the difference.       

3 tips to go from good to great

So how do we create this momentum ? Here are 3 tips to help: 

  • Aim a little higher – set your standards and expectations that little bit higher and adjust your work effort to that which is required to achieve this higher standard

  • Do a little extra – doing that additional 1% effort consistently will add up over time and mean you are constantly chipping away at a target that will become achievable

  • Make each moment count – getting to an outcome or result is a process made up of moments. Focussing on making the most of each moment will ensure you keep moving towards your goal and get the results you want.

This week, look at your past week, month, year and see where you could have changed your results by consistently doing the extra 1% efforts. Implement the 3 tips above and see your outcomes go from good to great as a result.

If this resonated, please share with your networks so they can benefit. To develop these skills further, send “Inspire me” to strategy@mentorisgroup.com.au and we can help you and your teams become true leaders. 

Have an awesome week!