The Choice is Yours

Long weekends present us with additional opportunities to do things that may not be able to be done during a regular working week.

We can choose to spend the extra day topping up the family time, which may suffer from long hours in the office or travelling.

We can choose to do some extra work to either catch up or get ahead, based on the coming week being a 4 day week.

We can choose to spend the day hungover on the couch after watching the AFL & NRL grand finals.

Whatever you chose to do, remember it was your choice to fill the extra non-work day with whatever you did. So when you read this and it is Tuesday morning, realise you now have a choice about how you will start this week and how successful you will make it. 

It’s a short week so start making choices and have an awesome week!


Paul Farmer

Mentoris Coaching


Ps… Happy Birthday to my dad for today 4h October. You continue to inspire me every day to be that guy who inspires others to be authentic and passionate.