This week has been a mixed bag for many business owners and senior leaders we’ve spoken to. Their ability to focus on what’s necessary to keep moving forward, while dealing with transition, has tested even some of the most seasoned operators. The noise has shifted from “survival” mode to “is everything going to fall off a cliff once the stimulus packages cease”.

It’s this space we now find ourselves in, and how we choose to act, that will either see us continue to be in survival mode and get by or take ownership of our space and become the leader. Our business success depends on how our leaders step up and take the initiative to keep moving forward.     

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So to take the initiative and be the leaders your teams need, here are a couple of tips to help:

  • We create our results – through our actions we create the results for our businesses. We advertise, we get clients, we get busy, we get overwhelmed with too much work; OR we don’t work hard enough, don’t get the work, get anxious as we don’t have enough to keep us busy. Either way, recognise we are the ones who create our results and also have the ability to change these if we aren’t happy;

  • Our teams are a reflection of us – as leaders, how we handle the transition period will reflect directly in our teams. Control the way you operate, give certainty to your team through the way you carry yourself and give them a quality example to follow… do these and you are setting your teams up to deliver many successes; 

  • Get a strategy in place as one eye must be on October – when the stimulus packages are a thing of the past, your business needs to be self sufficient. Waiting until October to plan how to make this happen will be too late. Set your strategy now and have a plan to ensure your business is back and functioning at levels that ensure the stimulus funding is merely a bonus. Now is the time to lock in your strategy session !!   

The market is changing and it’s the action we take now that will have us in a position to be self sufficient post October. Our teams need us to own our actions, to be the example for them to follow and to ensure the business has a strategy in place to be profitable and not needing the stimulus package to survive. This is your time to step up !! 

Forward this on to those who need to hear this today. If they sign up they can get these directly each Monday. If they ask, we help SME owners and leaders grow, create momentum and empower their teams to make a difference.  

Have a super week and keep taking steps, as no matter how small they may seem they are still moving you forward.