For many it seems as though 2021 has been a continuation of 2020. The workload was waiting when you got back from your break (if you had one) and you feel like you need another break already….AND you haven’t had time to reset what you want 2021 to look like.

Stephen Covey, one of the most influential people in business, used the words above to help top executives maintain focus and create extreme value in their organisations. With challenges around clarity at present, being able to focus on your ultimate “thing” creates certainty within you, your stakeholders and your teams. The list of ten items above are considered essentials, non-negotiables to create the environment that will see you making even more quality decisions.

So, with one eye on creating clarity for those who can impact your brand, and one eye on growing your business… what can you do to ensure your decisions are on point?

Here are 3 ways to build your strategy to make this happen:

  1. What is your version of “Winning” – everyone has their own version of what winning means to them. A profit target, number of new leads, number of new clients, size of their bonus, implementing a succession plan, setting targets and hitting them… all these form part of what some would classify as winning. Determine what success looks like for you and keep that front and centre to ensure your focus.
  2. Ownership, Accountability & Trust – when you have clarity, it’s easier to have your teams buy in to the vision / direction. Without it, some will be hesitant to step up as you are asking them to take ownership and be accountable for a direction that is unclear. Get clear on what’s important, why it’s important, why it matters to them and that you trust they are the ones to deliver it with your backing. The trust will be strengthened, they will feel included and the momentum towards your “main thing” will build.
  3. You can focus your resources to maximise impact – running in a number of different directions due to chasing bright shiny things, is sure to impact your efficiency and effectiveness. Knowing which referral partners you want to target, which leaders you want to step up, what work becomes a NO so you can attract more YES work… all takes focus and alignment. Laser clarity will give you your biggest bang for your buck.

Ensuring your “Main Thing”… “your Vision”… “What you want your business to be in 12 months”, is clear and kept clearly in view, across all levels of your stakeholders, is critical. Get back the control you want for your business, build the momentum in the right direction and align your effort to see all those involved be set up for success..

Make now the time to get clear on what you want 2021 to be. Remove the haze and give your teams the vision that they need to focus on. Want help to do this, let’s chat as we love working with business owners to create clarity. Click on one of the links to set up a business strategy Check-in to see how you can get the ball rolling on your momentum.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.