Control Everything

“It’s extremely instructive to realise that you cannot control everything. You need to delegate, to find experts, to consult with them. A big part of the job of directing is knowing when to take something on and when you shouldn’t”. Karyn Kusama   

Over the past week i’ve been in conversations with colleagues, clients and business owners who have raised that they place pressure on themselves to know everything. Being the one ultimately responsible for the quality of work that leaves their work place, has seen them assume the “I’m the boss I have to know everything about everything”. This feeling of control has seen them resist delegating work and ultimately doing ridiculous hours themselves.   

Taking this approach, while in the short term will see things get done, is stifling the growth of their businesses. By resisting the ability to engage others with required skills, you aren’t investing in the tools needed to deliver more work for even more clients. This can be addressed and see businesses flourish by taking some simple steps. 

Here are 3 tips to help you with your need to control everything:  

  1. Believe in your team – Whether you are a sole business owner or have a team, by building trust in those around you, you will be able to call on their expertise and experience to deliver a quality service (ie Bookkeeper to prepare monthly accounts) 

  2. Be strategic – your time is valuable, so prioritise those things that are playing to your strengths. Where you need additional resources, reach out promptly to ensure you are continuing to deliver in a timely manner

  3. Free up your time – not having to be the expert in everything allows you to delegate… meaning you can perform more higher level activities to add even more value for those using your services  

So this week, when you find yourself feeling like you are doing something that others could take on, make time to take them through how to do it and invest in them.    

Please forward to all those in your networks who feel like have to control everything and would benefit from these tips. If you’d like some assistance to implement these, send us a note at and we’d love to chat about adding value for you.

Have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director