With clarity comes strength… a strength that gives you the ability to take ownership of your space. It’s such a simple comment that resonates… yet it’s one that can be challenging when you don’t make time to create clarity in your space.

During a corporate career, and now being a business owner, there have been many times where the lack of clarity of what I was doing, and even more importantly WHY I was doing it, created doubt and frustration. Having a clear Purpose has a calming impact on your way of being… helping to minimise the second guessing, the feeling of i’m not good enough, imposter syndrome, I feel like i’m all over the shop. Ever felt like this or is that you right now ?

Creating structure and direction gives you a reason to care about what you are doing. It allows you to focus on the stuff that matters, identify the distractions and choose to treat them as time wasters, be clear on that feeling you want when you are living that life on your terms… and have those around you emotionally invested in helping you.

So as a business leader, one of your roles is to create and maintain a clear strategy for those in your teams. They look to leaders for a high level view of what their effort is creating and how they are involved.

Here are 3 ways you can create alignment and keep your ship on course:

  1. Fill your Vision with Purpose – why does your business truly exist and what feeling does it leave people with? It’s not just to sell widgets, or to create a new kitchen, or to create a legal document for someone…. it’s so much more. What’s the connection we are creating with team members and clients? Ask yourself how does our business help the people who experience what we do… both clients and also team members. That’s where you will unlock your real purpose.
  2. Share your Vision – you’ve created something that inspires people to want to know more… yet too often these statements get left in the bottom draw, generally because they lack meaning. Create something that is powerful… something that your teams and clients will be inspired to be part of…and share it. Alignment is created when those who matter feel a connection to why their effort matters.
  3. You control and focus the effort – for those who are control freaks, and I know a lot of leaders are, this gives you a beacon for people to work towards. It allows you to focus effort and have people moving with purpose in a direction that means something to them. It also minimises the time you need to spend keeping people on track as they understand why it matters and gives you a reference point to check in with… increasing the time you get to spend on growing the business you actually want.

Having others buy in to your vision and purpose is an emotional journey you need to take them on. Help them see why your direction matters to you and how it will impact their lives as well. Humans want to feel part of something that matters… and makes them feel like they matter. This is a perfect opportunity to shape your message and attract those you want to work with.

Do you want direction for you and your team, to have them experience the feeling you get when you think about how you help others solve their pain points ? If yes, let’s chat as we love to see quality people being able to reach their potential. Click on one of the links to set up a Check-in to see how you can get the ball rolling on your momentum.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.