business team

This week we’ve spoken to a LOT of business owners who are currently wanting to manage the way they grow and seeking guidance about how to do this. Their circumstances are all different, yet what is common is that they all realised that to get their businesses in flow, they need an external perspective of how they are running their businesses and what options can add even more value to them and their teams.

For most, building relationships with those in a position to refer you to multiple ideal clients was an option identified. If it’s fish you are after, you can either go to a pond and hope you have the right bait and are there at the right time of day…. OR you could build a relationship with someone who owns a fully stocked fish farm. Referral partners are those who are able to refer you to multiple clients in their networks… a very powerful relationship to develop to help create flow for you and your business.

To get that feeling you want from being part of a business in flow, we have to build a culture of creating clarity, developing direction and empowering everyone who can influence the results Three key elements to help get this buzz will be:

  1. Everyone knows what matters – having a team that gets what the business is striving for is powerful. To get everyone on the same page, first set what the business is trying to be and then tie what each team member wants to this. Having them achieve their targets will see the business hit it’s targets and deliver the buzz

  2. 1% efforts get recognised – early on in my career I learned that “doing the 1% efforts regularly is as game changing as going for the big shots”. Where you want team members to embrace this, recognise these 1% efforts regularly and show them how the momentum they are creating matters    

  3. Clients and team members are human as well – more than ever, we are craving connection. Making the effort to speak or connect directly gives comfort that you care enough to do more than just send an email. Make the call, get face to face, connect via zoom… make them feel important

A business in flow is the result of having a clear plan, recognising team members for creating momentum and making the effort to treat them like they matter. The feeling this will give you and your team, that buzz you get when you are getting quality results, will fill all concerned with purpose. 
Forward this to those who need to hear this today. If they sign up they can get these directly each Monday. If they ask, we help SME owners and leaders grow, create momentum and empower their teams to make a difference.

Have a super efficient week and remember… you can create the feeling you want in your business.