The past week was a culmination of an extremely busy 3 months for us. Back to back meeting days, full day workshops, full day strategy days and sounding board sessions where we created clarity for so many business owners who are now creating their own success. I’m going to be honest… it’s been a challenging time being 100% present, maintaining the energy levels and focussing on an array of challenges for others that they wanted to share with someone outside their business. It’s been full on… does this resonate?

Then I realised this was all about me and had nothing to do with those quality humans we choose to work with. I had chosen to be in the room with those people as they had something they were faced with but couldn’t solve on their own. The phrase “If you have a big enough reason to do something, you will find a way” came up a number of times and it added the context needed to help some of those in the room create a shift. You see, they had lost sight of what really mattered to them… why they were in their business, what their priority was (business v family), how valuable their time was and how precious it is.

So what are your reasons and how do you use them as motivation to create an even more successful set of outcomes for you?

Here are three areas to focus on:

  • What are your Reasons – having clarity of why you do what you do, whether it be in business, in your role, with your family, or you personally. Get clear on your reasons for wanting to be successful and use them to pull you through the challenges to taste success. Always remember “when your why is clear and big enough, the how will turn up”. Create clarity for you, and those around you, to build engagement and get even greater alignment.
  • What won’t happen if you don’t – some sit in a comfort zone that ironically is often uncomfortable. They don’t make decisions that they should make, as it will mean change and the possibility of someone saying no. This may reflect on their own self worth… should they make it about them. What they won’t get access to is the momentum they so seek… the feeling that they are moving forward with each decision and each action taken. Want quality results, want to be moving forward… start driving this through your actions. You have the power to get the ball rolling by taking that first step.
  • It’s so much more – your success means something to you. Creating awesome results, the sense of achievement, ticking off of goals you set yourself… these motivate you to continue raising your standards. It also impacts those around you, as they benefit from someone who is clear about their direction, they bring an energy that’s infectious, their focus on what matters builds trust and you can feel the feeling they are creating…. “when you are clear, your actions will bring clarity to others”. Get clear on what your values are, how being aligned with them builds trust and what type of party you will all have when you reach destination Success.

It’s easy to see the trees coming at you while you are skiing downhill, it’s your job to see the space where you are meant to go as the warmth of the ski lodge depends on it. Make your reasons so big that achieving them fills you with emotion and feeling… this is what will get you making even more quality decisions. 

Share this with those in your networks who need to hear it. To learn how to build this in to your business, click on the “Free 20min chat” button and let’s chat about how you can make this happen. This is something you can control.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting.