a person with umbrella in the flood waters

If we’ve taken anything from the past two years, it’s that through times of challenge, your ability to deal with what comes at you gets stronger. When the sun is shining and everything is going for you, this is the time where you make the most of the conditions and forge ahead. When the storms roll in, just like South East Queensland at the moment, you draw on the knowing that “this too shall pass” and that the resilience you have built up through dealing with challenges previously… it will drive you to overcome the obstacles again.

With flood waters rising and debris hurtling along the river, it has re-ignited a sense of “help your mate out in their time of need”… the true Australian way. This selfless act, which isn’t confined to times of challenge, has built a community spirit and made it a stronger bond between a group focussed on ensuring the best results are achieved. This is driven by the experience of having been there before… and getting through it.

Sports team

So today it’s even more important, whether you are in flow or the rivers are flowing, that you reflect on how you have built your ability to take on challenges and continue on to create great outcomes for you and those around you.

Here are 3 areas that we see helping in times of challenge and uncertainty:

  1. Connect with those in your circles – when you feel like you have to take challenges on in isolation, things often grow and become even more challenging. Yet by connecting with those in your space, you may find a way forward that may not have been obvious to you. Seek out those in your space, both to check in on them and also leverage their “think outside the square” abilities.
  2. Focus on what you can control and influence – you see a pontoon and a boat floating down the river at high speed… while not pleasant and someone is going to be unhappy, what can you do about it? You have no control over what’s happening in that space… yet while you were focussing on that the water is rising to above your ankles. Where should you focus now… where you can influence the results. Be conscious of your surroundings and where your time, effort and money is best spent.
  3. You are stronger than even you think – when you are faced with challenging times, and there’s a action to take that may not be 100% comfortable, take comfort knowing you will get through what comes at you and you will be ok. You’ve been faced with challenge previously, you’ve dealt with it and you’ve turned it in to a pathway that’s led you to where you are today. Know that you will be ok and the strength you have from successfully dealing with past challenges… this is what shows you what’s possible for you again.

It’s often said that how you deal with challenging times, shows the true character of the person. You’ve been there before, you’ve seen off the uncertainty, you’ve taken action and you’ve created quality results… your Resilience levels are there and you will create amazing outcomes again. 

Forward this on to those who would benefit from hearing this and want to create a journey on their terms. We love helping quality humans see what’s possible for them and reaching more of these people is our mission.   

Thank you, stay safe and have an amazing week.