According to a recent Stanford University study, while the vast majority of CEOs want advice and support, not many are getting it. 

advice and support

The study found that nearly two-thirds of business leaders don’t receive external leadership advice and support or coaching. However, almost all admitted they would be “receptive to making changes based on feedback”.

It’s easy to see how some leaders can develop that isolated feeling. I’m responsible I have to make the big decisions myself; It’s my company so I must set the goals and direction; Interacting with the team is a challenge as I’m also the boss so don’t know where to draw the line – all common comments.

Here are three tips to change an isolation culture to one of advice and support: 

  1. Interact with your team regularly – spend time listening to those you rely on (whether they be employees, mentors, advisors, referral partners, family) to get fresh ideas and take on board feedback

  2. Be proactive – if you spend a lot of time working by yourself, seek out opportunities to be within a team environment (group PT sessions, co-working space, networking, getting out of your corner office) to build your sense of inclusion

  3. Is it just you – often the feeling of isolation is something we bring on ourselves. Teams want to interact with their leaders, advisors & family want to be part of helping to grow a business – as leaders we sometimes lose sight of this.

For business leaders who are struggling to cope with the lack of advice and support, sometimes seeking the assistance of an executive coach or support group can also be a good step to take. 

This week, if that feeling of isolation hits, check in with these 3 tips and ask how they can help you feel part of things even more.         

Have an awesome week!