Having had a few days to put the work tools down and give the body and brain a rest from the hustle, i’ve realised how lucky I’ve chosen to be. Sound cryptic like dad’s crossword…I’ll explain.

The second half of 2015 was a challenging time both personally and professionally for me. I was not firing on all cylinders, with corporate burnout still clouding my ability to function in an efficient and effective manner. Strained relationships, broken promises, concerned family and a lack of energy & direction just wasn’t sustainable. 

So what did I have? I had a decision to make… was I happy with where I was and what I was doing, or was it time to choose to change my direction. For someone who was very comfortably set in his own ways being paid well for doing long hours and living life at a fast pace, choosing to leave this comfort zone seemed crazy to some….. to me things were finally starting to make sense. What was my WHY? A strong desire to help people, teams and organisations of all sized succeed was my driving passion.

Now I’d found my WHY… what next? To find your why is like having a dream, however it will only ever be a dream unless you choose to act. Taking action gives your dreams an opportunity to come true. So I set about making changes & beginning to hustle… resigned from my comfortable job, started a Mentoris (a Coaching & Consulting company), looked at my relationships with friends, family, people I surrounded myself with, and most importantly with myself. I asked myself a few questions:

1. Was I being the person I wanted to be… being true to my core values and the way I wanted to live my life?
2. Would I like to hang out and do business with me the way I currently was?
3. Was I treating everyone I came in to contact with as if they had a sign around their neck saying “I just want to be made to feel special”

So 2016 for me has been a true rollercoaster ride. A year where answering the questions above and making changes has seen me living outside my comfort zone, growing as a person, growing awareness of Mentoris, helping others choose to make decisions that will see them on the path to being successful, and seeing growth both personally and in  those around me has been super rewarding.  

This festive season take time to reflect on 2016. Reward yourself for all that you have achieved and have become. Thank those who have made this possible and enjoy the feeling of success. If you find that you may not have hit the heights you wanted, you too now have a decision… you can sit back and hope that things will change. OR you choose to make some changes and hit 2017 running to make it your best year yet!

Thank you all for giving me an opportunity to share my stories and hopefully help you add value to your lives. At any time please send me feedback and forward this to anyone you feel may benefit from reading our articles.     

Have an awesome holiday and here’s to 2017 being a HUGE year for us all!