This weekend has been a time to reflect and recharge the batteries, do some planning as we come in to the festive season when everything becomes even more hectic, and look forward to some exciting things coming up. It also had me thinking about how effective we choose to be with how we spend our time.  

So many of the people I encounter each week have a common challenge… I don’t have enough time, things happen and I react to them, I want to grow my business but that means more hours and less time to spend on the things that really matter. Do any of these resonate with you? 

By starting with a certain and structured day, you have the ability to take on more uncertainty like unplanned events, changes in schedule, firefighting and taking opportunities that come up unexpectedly. These unexpected items generally are the ones that sap your time and mean you often miss being able to take the opportunities that come up.      

So to help create time in your day, here are three ways that will help you be more effective in how you spend your time: 

  1. Plan your days – starting out with a plan allows you to have an idea what you want to achieve from the day. Make the first item an “Eat the frog” item… the thing you least want to do yet once it’s done it’s all upside from there

  2. Be flexible – setting a plan is the starting point, and being able to be flexible within that plan allows you to take on these unforeseen activities and still be able to deliver.

  3. Engage others – getting things done on your plan doesn’t mean it has to be you that does everything. Look for areas where you can delegate, create opportunities for others or take on extra resources that will free your time up to do more value adding work

This week, take 20mins on Monday morning to look at your week from a high level and add some structure. Are you able to deliver your plan, or do you need to take on some help to create time so you can add even more value.    

Have an awesome week team!