Do you find you are short of time and spending too much time meeting other’s expectations and running to meet their timelines? You have plenty on your plate, yet others seem to dominate your time and how you operate. This resonated with us this week as it was a common theme with most of the business owners we spoke to. They were extremely frustrated, stressed & overwhelmed and it was having an obvious impact on their productivity and the results of their business. Not exactly what you want when you are looking to grow and get even greater results. 

In each of these discussions, it was clear what was playing out. The business leaders had become reactive and had lost control of their business, THEIR BUSINESS. It was exactly like the tail wagging the dog. They had become frustrated with this loss of control, feeling that their time was not valuable or respected by others. THEY wanted to be the ones who were in control of their direction to get the results they wanted, for both them and all of their team members. Sound familiar ?

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So how do you choose to take ownership of your value? Based on some of our discussions last week, here are a few options that have created value for both business leaders and their team members:

3 Key ways to create value for both business leaders & team members

  1. Value you and your time – this is the biggest area where we see talented businesses and team members leaving so much value on the table. Being aware of your value, the expertise you bring, the value you add to others and how you go about delivering your value… takes you seeing it first. You have worked hard to learn, grow, surround yourself with quality role models and have seen something that you can deliver that will help others in a way they aren’t able to do themselves. Harness this power you have and the feeling you want from your space will match that which you are chasing… happiness.
  2. Be clear on Expectations up front – when we remove the “grey area” and clearly spell out what the desired outcome is, what’s expected from both parties, timelines for delivery and what the process moving forward is…. it makes it clear what’s required. When there is uncertainty or a lack of clarity it becomes an opportunity for others to work to their own perceived timelines & to their own standards…. generally in their favour and at your expense. Take ownership and set clear expectations up front to influence the impact on your space.
  3. Be 100% Honest, especially with yourself – when you are honest with yourself, you will truly see what’s being reflected in your results. You can sugar coat things so you don’t feel so bad about not getting quality results, yet that’s generally done to hide the real reasons. Being 100% honest regardless of what the answer is, whether it be “You know what, that just wasn’t good enough” or “That was an awesome decision, time to make some more”, will drive your ability to get to the true cause of your results. Painting over a crack doesn’t allow us to find a solution that will give us control and certainty in the long term. 

So this week, to build your perceived value in the eyes of others, reset your own value compass. Recognise the skills, attributes, values and beliefs that matter to you and how valuable these are to others you deal with. Getting clear on this, and having others recognise this renewed level of value, will allow you to reset expectations and build your space from the inside out. 

Share this with those in your networks who you know want to create quality outcomes. To learn how to build this in to your business, click on the button and let’s chat about how you can make this happen. This is something you can control.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.