Sitting watching these guys on their morning routine, where they swim from one end of the beach to the other, wait and collectively walk back up to the rocks to repeat, it dawned on me that over the years they had worked out what mattered to them. Had they been focused purely on how fast they could do their “laps”, they would have gravitated to other groups or swam alone. They had aligned their values and goals… yet focused on the process they went through and let the results work themselves out.

When we focus on outcomes and meeting the high expectations we often set for ourselves, this can lead to frustration when we don’t meet these expectations. By focusing on the results we aren’t getting, we limit our ability to make them happen… which is why we need to back the way we operate and trust the results will come.   

When we find ourselves getting frustrated, here are a couple of things to help get us back creating awesome results:

  1. Get clear on what matters – whether it’s your own career, your business or that of your team… knowing what’s really important helps create items that motivate and drive us to perform. Identify these, clearly define them and set them as the space we want as the result of our effort… then ensure we keep one eye on them. Note they aren’t to be our sole focus though.
  2. Respect the steps – climbing a rocky mountain is made more challenging when we are constantly looking at the top. Set a direction, focus on where you are placing your feet, keep looking for ways to improve your path and keep one eye on where you are going. The little steps you take to keep moving you forward are what’s going to make the difference.  
  3. Back yourself – being able to trust what’s at the end of the road, and focus on what’s required now to get there, takes courage. It also takes a belief that you have everything you need now to make it happen. You are in the position you are now because you’ve shown you have what it takes. Be the leader, be the example and be that shit hot human who knows they matter. 

When we fully understand what our time, effort & money is working towards, we acknowledge the steps to create this and we feel the feeling we want from achieving the targets we want…. we can focus on the steps to get us there. The power we get from being in this space will see you smashing your goals and owning your space.     
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Cheers and have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director
“Changing Lives… one business at a time”