Along my journey it’s become clear that, to be ruled by logic, is to miss out on experiencing even more euphoric dimensions to success. The results you will achieve and the feeling you will get from these results will be somewhat capped… until you become aware of the emotion and feeling that come with striving for something that matters to you. This additional element is what makes your success take on even greater meaning.

See until recently, I like most, operated on logic first to get things done. You are looking to do something, what are the steps you take and you get it done… seems logical enough. It’s only in the past year that it’s become clear that by making an emotional investment up front, by consciously attaching a feeling to the desired result, you increase your motivation to create a result and increase the feeling you get when you make it happen. This emotional hook is what drives you to make it happen and learning this has been an absolute game changer.

So it’s clarity and direction that you want… how do you unlock the emotion and feel the benefits?

Here are 3 ways to change your thinking and how it can create significant value in your circles:

  1. So what outcome do I want… really – i’ve learned to ask myself this question regularly. It creates a space to be totally honest with yourself about the outcome you want. It also allows you to attach a feeling to the outcome… “I want my business to be running smoothly” or “I want to be dealing with quality clients” are superb goals. By adding the emotional attachment to these “because it will allow me to have more time to spend with my family which fills my cup”. This is so much more powerful.
  2. You want to feel special – everyone wants to be that person who feels that they matter. Whether it’s clients, team members, family members… whether it’s you. Consider how you ensure those involved in what you are doing, get to experience that feeling of special. From making time to tell someone that they are doing an amazing job, to thanking a client for being a quality human, to giving yourself a pat on the back for making even the little things happen… it shows you matter and recognises you for being special.
  3. You get to choose – this is my favourite and those in my circles hear “Choice Bro” very regularly. We are the ones who choose to make the emotional investment… to look at what we are doing and identify that feeling we truly want from what we are doing. From creating more time to spend with family, to adding 5 new quality clients, to getting to the gym 4 times per week consistently… you always have the choice and can choose the feelings you want from these activities. The power is yours !!!!!

To fill your days with tasks and activities devoid of emotion and meaning is to be seemingly creating To do Lists just to keep you busy. Throw that thinking out the window and be the one who attaches the emotion you want to getting quality results. Remember… your journey is your journey so choose to make it one that includes the highs of making this matter.

Do you deal in logic and are you missing this emotional inspiration? If yes, let’s chat as we love to see quality people being able to reach their potential. Click on one of the links to set up a Check-in to see how you can get the ball rolling on your momentum.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.