Flowers and chocolates

Happy Valentine’s Day to all those out there who subscribe to the notion that the 14th February is an opportunity to show you care about someone enough to get something, or do something, over and above what you would normally do.

This day can split us into different camps:

  • For those who need an excuse, today’s your day and it’s your time to shine 😉
  • For those who show others how much they mean more often… again you have a weight of publicity suggesting you should do so
  • For those who may not have that special someone, you can choose to make someone’s day by doing something nice for them
  • For those who are against it, you’ll wait until tomorrow when the leftover flowers and chocolates are on sale and dining out isn’t at inflated rates
  • Or you could be in another category and if so… that’s totally ok

For us it’s interesting, in that the day captures the essence of true giving (giving without the expectation of receiving), bumping prices on a day that’s really like any other day… and the power of influencing you to make the occasion seem special. The biggest element for us is how, when attaching emotion to a buying decision, you can influence others to act in a different way. This shows in the amount of chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners that are added to the schedule on the 14th February each year…. and not other days of the year. 

blonde couple taking a selfie at the beach

So why does the correlation between emotion and business matter and is it that necessary? With our clients, it’s a game changer and something that helps them deliver an immense experience for their stakeholders.

Here are 3 areas you can review and reset to develop emotion in your space:

  1. Motivation – others “want” to be the best – where you have team players, and even clients, simply turning up to get something that may or may not mean much to them, then you will get what you get. They will probably do the bare minimum and there will be no attachment to the way they operate. Where you can to align what matters to them, and your desired outcomes, you find a space where their motivating factors are covered, they feel heard and feel part of something that sees them as valuable 
  2. Create an attachment to more than just the product – Valentine’s Day could be all about buying chocolates, buying expensive flowers, and going out to a fancy dinner / movie / having the kids looked after for the evening. But look at the advertising and promotion, it’s about the meaning behind the chocolates, the flowers, the overpriced dinner for two. It’s all about love, gratitude and showing others what they mean to you. Where you can show your stakeholders that they mean more than just what they do for you, this is where you build meaningful relationships and make them feel part of something bigger than just their role. This is where the biggest impact occurs. 
  3. Show others what’s possible and what it means for them – where you build a picture of what’s possible for those in your circles, whether it’s an associate’s path to being a director, whether it’s a client seeing where their business could be in 12 months, whether it’s a family seeing what it will be like when mum & dad can choose to not work on weekends and they can both spend quality time doing things as a family… where you build this you are creating a pathway that all of the stakeholders can contribute to. Keep it to yourself and make it all about you… and see how that works out. Their needs and what it will allow them to feel is the key.

We have a saying that’s become the basis of our work…. “It’s not the thing you want, it’s the feeling it gives you”. When you focus on that cup of coffee as a cup of hot water and coffee beans… you will get what you see. Where you choose to experience the feeling you get when you drink that cup of coffee, that moment where the world stops and you feel like you’ve taken a sip of something that’s radiating sunshine throughout your body, that feeling is actually what you are buying. Build the emption to turbo charge your outcomes.

Forward this to those you feel would benefit from hearing this and want to create choice in where they spend their time. We love helping quality humans choose where they spend their time, which leads to living a life on their terms… reaching more of these people is our mission.   

Thank you, Happy Valentine’s Day and have an amazing week.