Our lives are seemingly speeding up with bright shiny things all over the place. Everywhere you turn, there are even more excuses to be distracted from achieving those things you really want… those things that make you smile and make the hairs on your arm stand on end. Unfortunately the sheer volume of these distractions means we are constantly battling to stay on track and focus our energy.

So with even more people wanting to dominate your time… team, clients, the “I can build your Instagram followers to 20million in 3 days” people… we’ve found simplifying your strategy creates more opportunities for you and your teams to taste success. Too often we over complicate and over think things, which takes up valuable time and resources. There’s a pain point, you have a solution and you show them how you can help and how they will feel when you’ve helped them solve it. Are we simplifying it too much… you must admit it’s a refreshing way to think about things.

Growth tends to be focused on doing more, having more, being at more places, locking in even more of your time. Does it really have to mean that?

Here are 3 ways to build your strategy to be even more effective:

  1. Working with Ideal Clients make your life easier – those clients who realise you can solve their problems in the way that makes them feel the best are gold. These quality humans get you, get your value and get that you will value add to them and their business. They WILL refer you to their networks reducing your prospecting time, they WILL pay their bills on time reducing time chasing payment, they WILL work with you reducing wasted time waiting or chasing information as they value your time…. all of these free up valuable time, so fill your books with quality business owners like this.
  2. An informed team is an engaged team – when teams don’t have the facts or information about what’s happening… they tend to make it up and give it their own meaning. Regular opportunities to update, connect, inform and educate need to be in your schedule as this will create engagement, alignment, motivation and even competition within the team to see how they can hit their targets. This sounds like a win win to us.
  3. Saying NO creates valuable space – even though you may not feel it, you are the one who chooses where you spend your time. The things you say NO to, can be even more valuable than what you say yes to. It creates space in your schedule to fill with even more ideal clients, more opportunities to connect with your team members and more discussions about building your referral partners who will send you even more ideal clients.

Basing your strategy on opportunities to attract more Ideal Clients, have your teams feel connected and aligned with what you are aiming to deliver including what it means to them, and building your “Saying No muscle” to create even more space for quality humans… will feel brilliant and create an even better business.

So you want to implement these and want to know where to start. Let’s chat as we love to work with business owners to create your clarity. Click on one of the links to set up your business strategy Check-in to see how you can get the ball rolling on your momentum.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.