Over the past weekend we had the opportunity to catch up with friends from all over the the state. It was refreshing to spend time with quality people and hear how they have experienced 2020. Most were reflecting on how challenging they had found it, and a number said “I’m ready for Christmas… is it here yet ?”.

Admitting you are tired and ready for a break is ok. Generally we would have been on 2 – 3 holidays and have had an opportunity to recharge the batteries… this may not have happened this year. So for the remainder of the year leading in to Christmas, being on our game, keeping our teams motivated, inspiring a final flourish through to the Christmas break will take strategy and leadership.

So to get the most out of you and your teams, where should we focus our time and effort to get the maximum return… here are 3 Business Growth Strategies to help you smash your targets:

  1. Set mini targets – set both you and your team challenges for between now and the Christmas break. This focus will give a near term incentive to work towards something now, with results being recognised before taking time off.
  2. Be aware of your time – pre Christmas tends to fill up quickly with invitations to celebrate, to recognise support and show appreciation for commitments made. Being aware of your schedule and getting your commitments in first… allows you to enjoy these occasions knowing you’ve got your commitments already in your schedule.
  3. Recognise Support – in a year that’s included change and uncertainty, those who have been part of your journey deserve to know how much you appreciate their support. Whether it’s clients, team members, friends, family, suppliers… make time to show your appreciation and recognise the impact they have had on you and your team.

The lead in to the break could be a time that becomes a missed opportunity to create even more value. By implementing the above 3 strategies, you will see the final 7 weeks of this year blast you in to next year on a high.

If these tips would help someone in your networks, please forward on to them. If you want to implement these strategies and want to know where to start, let’s chat as we’d love to get you moving forward.

Cheers and have another awesome week!