painting on brick wall of a man doing a handstand on a bike

“It’s been a real sh!tshow lately and I don’t know what to make of it”. This is a direct comment from a business owner of 15 years, trying to make sense of where his business is currently. The past two months has been a very interesting time to be in business. The uncertainty, the disruption, the confusion, the disconnection and the focussing on survival have all distracted us from spending time where we add the most value.      

This week’s picture depicts a man doing a handstand on a bicycle… a highly skilful manoeuvre that would have others wanting to see more. Yet if this performing artist was spending all his time doing paperwork, taking unnecessary calls or running around doing repairs to his bicycle… then those who would have been entertained would miss out on experiencing the performance. That skill needs to be on show and leaving the punters raving to those in their own circles. 

To bring your weapon, your special skills, to the table there are three key areas to focus on:

  1. What IS your weapon – we all have that thing we excel at… that thing others need to add value to them and their circles. Whether it’s listening, solving problems, building houses or unblocking drains… knowing what you are skilled at will create opportunities to do more of this. This will be valuable to those with a challenge that it solves.
  2. Delegate / Outsource effectively – creating more time and space to use your weapon = win win. Your business will grow as you will be doing more value add activities. You will also personally grow, as you will be doing more of the things that light you up and give you that buzz you went in to business to get. 
  3. Focus on the value you add – when we prioritise our super skill set, we create valuable results for those around us. In turn, they will tell their networks who will come knocking to get the same feeling of success. Helping others get or do something they currently aren’t able to do for themselves will build your reputation and see your weapon be desired by your ideal clients.   

When we get wrapped up in the “doing”, we sometimes lose sight of that thing we have that brings an insane amount of value to others. Choosing to recognise what this is and how to do more of it will see even more people seek you out to experience your special skillset.  
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