Business leader sitting on a zoom call

“A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are. Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you’re in and take advantage of it.” Nikki Giovanni

This week has been a week of validation. With so much uncertainty and change, it’s easy to see how business leaders could get caught up in the “Noise” of COVID 19 & isolation. To be fair though, the business owners who do choose to focus on the noise are obviously not busy enough. If they were, they would be taking action and not having time to think about what action to take. The speed of their business transition is dependent on their choices.   

The quality business owners we work with have been taking action, making the calls and negating the noise… and the results they are getting shows this. Creating new opportunities, landing major projects, re-igniting past connections and showing they are quality humans by checking in on other quality humans with no expectation of business… all of these things reflect where their focus is.

In addition to it's famous Ink Gin, the Husk Distillery in northern NSW has started to produce hand sanitiser.

In addition to it’s famous Ink Gin, the Husk Distillery in northern NSW has started to produce hand sanitiser.

So to ensure your existing business continues, or to boost the transition process to your “new” business, here are a couple of tips to create momentum:

  • What does your business now look like – if your ideal clients have changed, like moving from non-essential to essential service providers, then this will require your business to act differently. Creating new focus areas may mean your business processes will also need to change.

  • Make the calls – your new and existing clients need to know that you care and that you exist. They also need to know that you are an option to be able to take on their challenges with them. A couple of clients have won work based on their potential clients actually hearing from them via a call.  

  • Be the expert – being visible and being held out as an expert or an authority develops trust… an essential and valuable commodity in current times. Where you have a skill that’s in demand, or you have results that others would also like, let the market know that you are in business and able to help them solve their challenges.

When change is forced on to us, we still have the ability to choose regardless of the change. Reflect on what your new outcomes are, identify who you need to speak to, and identify how you can add value to those who now form part of your business. Choose to accept the changes and do what’s needed to create great outcomes. 

Forward this on to those who need this right now. Get in contact if you need a sounding board to see options to keep moving forward. We would love to help add value to your business and teams.

Stay safe, keep looking forward and “Be comfortable being uncomfortable as that’s where the growth occurs.”