Australian news is currently dominated by the bush fires alight across the nation. From the politicians trying to work out who’s at fault…. to the firefighters at the front line saving humans and homes – both are exhibiting leadership with different degrees of effectiveness.

The best form of leadership I’ve seen has been in the note left by a guy named Kale.

Paul Sekfy returned to his New South Wales home to find a note signed by the Urunga Rural Fire Service (RFS). Kale and his team of four managed to save the house of Paul. Shortly afterwards they found themselves in a firestorm and took shelter in Paul’s house with sixty foot high flames surrounding them. Following the passing of the fire, with the water in the fire truck hot an undrinkable, they raided Paul’s fridge finding the milk however before leaving, Kale penned the following note leaving it on the kitchen bench.

Kale Hardie-Porter left the note after taking refuge in a house he was protecting from the fires.  Photo / Facebook

Kale Hardie-Porter left the note after taking refuge in a house he was protecting from the fires. Photo / Facebook

“PS – we owe you some milk” … The note was shared by Paul on Facebook and has since gone viral.

The leadership shown by Kale and Paul demonstrates commitment, resilience, integrity and a healthy dose of gratitude and old school honesty.

So how can you, like Kale (and Paul), make more quality decisions and continue to remain true to your values? Here are some tips to help:

  • Know and live your Values – being aware of what you truly value allows you to quickly assess whether a situation is asking you to go against these. Not being clear means you are more likely to go against what you believe in if making decisions under pressure.

  • Be aware of who you are (Be Authentic) –when we deal with others, what they are buying first is the person. The product or service will be secondary… so give them the best version of you so they know the feeling they will get when they choose to sign on. (See more on Authenticity in this article https://mentorisgroup.com.au/motivational/authenticity )

  • Value you and your Ability – when faced with a choice, back you and your skills to be able to take on an opportunity, or if not refer to someone who may be a specialist. Either way, you are helping someone who had a pain point which you are helping find a solution for. This will have them coming back to you as you have solved their problem. See more on valuing yourself at https://mentorisgroup.com.au/motivational/value-yourself

Today is a day where fortunately, we have the ability to choose. We can choose to exhibit the standards we expect and inspire those around us by setting a quality example, or we can watch others do it and wish we had chosen differently. Either way, we are making a choice so why not make one that sees you be in control.

Consider the decisions you are being called on to make. Are you able to make these seamlessly and create momentum or do they get put off until you are forced to make an under pressure coin toss type decision. Focus on your today’s actions and you will develop the ability to make quality decisions on the fly.

Local RFS brigades, like the one Kale is a part of, rely heavily on volunteers and contributions from their communities to sustain their efforts. If you’d like to help them out you can donate via this link.

Stay safe!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director