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It seems as though there are many moments where time feels limited, increasing demands on this time seem never ending and you feel like you aren’t making any progress… it’s dominating conversations and creating frustration amongst some quality operators. “I should be doing this but i don’t get anything done i want” or “I’m always putting out fires and not making any progress”. Is any of this resonating and are you feeling this?

The interesting thing is that we are the ones with the power to choose how and where we spend our time, something that can get lost in the busyness and the expectations of others. We choose to fill up our schedules with what it is we feel is important… now whether it is important to us or someone else is where the gold lies regarding getting amazing results.

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So how then, can we make the most of the moments we have in our week and still get that feeling we are adding value to others?

Here are a couple of ways to add extra value:

  • Give your time to get back time – “I don’t have enough time” will result in those around you not getting what they may need to enable them to do what they need to do without you, resulting in you having to spend even more time helping them. Give your time early, be clear about what needs to be done, ask what they need from you and then empower them to make decisions to move themselves forward. This long term focus will see you build capability and reduce their dependence on you (and your time). 
  • Give your energyas business leaders, your energy will be reflected in your business. The way you operate and interact with people will influence those in your teams. If you want to create an environment that has a vibrance and energy to stimulate great results and a can do attitude, this will have to come from the top. So keep investing in your energy levels through things that matter to you and ensure you make time to fill your cup.  
  • Encourage others to give – in a time where others seem busy, the feeling you get when you offer to help them achieve something they can’t currently do is priceless. The thing is, if you can help them with something, this shows them that they can do the same for others. If I show you something is possible, and you get that sense of gratitude, it shows you how you could feel when you help someone else. This is powerful and the feeling is one that can motivate them to do it even more… a super result !

In times where you are busy, it’s often that those around you are also busy and feeling the weight of expectations. By giving to them, whether it’s time, energy or resources, you are showing them that they matter and their contribution is important. This will influence their desire to step up in a time where extra effort has no obvious payout. Give, give openly and give often… and you will create a dynamic space people love to be a part of.

Forward this to those who you know will benefit from our tips each Monday morning. We love helping quality humans create momentum, to feel like they are empowered to make a difference.  

Keep looking forward and be an awesome leader again today !!