It’s December and the traditional celebration season is clearly here. The Christmas parties, organising Christmas holiday plans, Secret Santa… the office Christmas function. All of these are even more important this year… after such a challenging year for most. Yet it can also be a time for creating momentum and taking opportunities.

This time of year is when a lot of reflection happens… What was our year like? What do we want to do more of? What do we want to do less of? What do we want to do differently? Conversations about this year and decisions about next year’s direction get made. This is a perfect time to create opportunities and add value to those around you.

So how do you do this? Here are three simple tips to help you create momentum:

  • Look for the opportunities – in the period leading in to the Christmas break, businesses are looking to position themselves for the start of next year. Look for opportunities to add value now with that conversation about what next year may look like for them and how you may be able to help them make this happen
  • Openly show Gratitude – throughout a roller coaster year, you will have had quality people around you who have also dealt with the uncertainty and challenges… and created successes. Openly recognise them and their contribution… and let them know how it matters to you. This gratitude will be super powerful.
  • Align your vision for 2021 – getting clear on what your vision for next year is allows you to align your team before the break. It gives them an idea what you are looking to achieve and also allows them to take a well deserved break, with a plan of what next year may look like for them. They can then set their plans with family etc.

Finishing off a year with momentum will create certainty and focus for next year. Identifying opportunities to add value, showing you are grateful for that which others have done this year and clearly setting up next year….. will see you start 2021 with purpose and drive.

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