The first few weeks of 2018 has been hectic… follow up meetings from 2017, proposals, board appointments and proud moments where businesses have seen the value that can be created when we focus on thinking bigger than we currently are. So what’s your strategy?

Through all of these activities, the common theme was  getting clarity on your desired outcomes up front to allow a clear path to be created and accountability applied. Keeping one eye on your strategy makes it easier to stay on track.        

So how do you set your strategy? Here are a couple of tips on getting clarity:

  1. Start with the Outcome in mind – experiencing the feeling of having achieved all you want at the end of the period in mind gives you the sense of what you will have when you deliver

  2. Tie your plan to what you love – aligning your strategy to your passions makes it easier to push through the challenges. Finding that thing that lights you up about what you do means you will make the extra effort needed to be successful

  3. Take Action – “a strategy on a page without action is merely a picture”. They are your outcomes and it is your journey so get on with making things happen and getting your results.

During this week, set out what things will look like at 31 Dec 2018… what have you achieved, what are you doing, who are you interacting with and what standards are you working at. This will help give you a target to aim for over the coming months.

If this is something you want in your business then get in contact and let’s have a coffee.

Have an awesome week!