What's your WHY?

What’s your WHY?…..I am blessed with a family who cares about each other and who have grown to embrace the work I have been involved in. From my dad who has embraced and shared the concept of being “Above the line” (Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility) v “Below the line” (Blame, Excuses, Denial), to my sister who now sends me links to motivational and inspirational information.

The most inspirational of my family though are my nieces. Over the course of the past 12 months, they have accepted the changes “Uncle Paul” has made and are openly starting to embrace some of the most admirable traits. The attached diary is a present I received from them, purely unprovoked and bought with their own money they had saved.

So why does this matter and how does this relate to your WHY?

When you are passionate about what you do and, more importantly, why you do it, people and organisations who share the same beliefs will be attracted to you. They will see why you are on your journey and because it resonates with them, will buy in to you. Whether you are selling suits, facilitating workshops, dealing with legal matters or teaching others…. showing your WHY will bring you opportunities to work with those sharing similar beliefs and values.

This week, take a moment to think about your WHY and how you can surround yourself with people who share the same values and beliefs and incorporate in your work/business.     

I’d be interested in hearing what your WHY is, so feel free to send me an email on the address below. Have an awesome week.