Having just come out of a meeting where the group concerned has gone through a significant transformation, from underperforming with a somewhat challenging culture, to be focussed on growth and adding value to everyone in the room, I find myself asking When is the right time tor transformation?  
One of the catalysts was taking a hard look at the standards and expectations being set, and whether the group were measuring up. It takes courage and self awareness to be totally honest with yourself, as to whether you are operating at 100% or taking some shortcuts.   
Here are 3 tips to help when you get stuck in a flat spot and want to start to create transformation:

  1. Be honest with yourself and those around you – as I mentioned it takes courage to be 100% honest about what you are doing. Yet when you do, it resets your starting point and allows you to refocus on new targets

  2. Be the Unicorn – when you find most others are sitting back weighing up a bunch of options, be decisive and take a stand on your direction. The longer you sit wishing, waiting and hoping for something to happen…. someone else may get the jump on you. Make that call, grab that coffee, be proactive….. it will help you stand out (in the absence of a unicorn outfit and guns)

  3. Taking imperfect action is still taking action – don’t expect everything to be perfect. Challenges are guaranteed to come up, so if you are taking those steps to grow you will find that even more options could pop up to deal with these that weren’t there before….

This week set aside 20mins to ask, both yourself and those in your business, are we on track or is now time to consider mixing things up to get some different outcomes.
If this resonates, please share with those who might benefit from reading it and find it relevant.