We do things for a reason… take on more responsibility, help others grow, volunteer to help those in need. Yet isn’t it interesting how quickly we can forget Why we do what we do. When roadblocks come up and things get challenging, our clarity is clouded and we can lose our way… choosing not to take action to keep moving forward or choosing to putt barriers in our way. We are seeing this a lot at the moment in many business owners and business leaders so if this is you… it’s ok you aren’t alone.

It’s this time of year where we often feel challenged the most. From tightening deadlines to excessive workloads to “we are 11 months in to the year and we are tired”…. again we are seeing this and even experiencing it ourselves at times. So it’s also the perfect time to step back from what you are doing, close your eyes and ask yourself “Why does what i do ACTUALLY matter to me”. This strategic self reflection is about tying what you are doing, to those things that give you a buzz. We choose to run businesses and work for companies that often involves working long hours and taking on responsibility. Yet most are driven by making a difference and helping others solve problems they can’t solve themselves… this is what really matters !

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So how do re-engage our why and how can our strategy help us?

Here are some tips that are working for our clients:

  • Change your Perspective – when you become frustrated with something or someone, change your lense and consider the situation from their perspective. “Seek first to Understand, then to be Understood” is a saying we live by and find helps in strategic planning sessions, where there is frustration yet it’s from the perspective of the business owner or leader. Changing your perspective often gives you more opportunities to reconnect with what truly matters, as now you have context. “I was frustrated I wasn’t in control and getting good enough results, then i realised we were able to enjoy weekends with our family”.
  • Simplify things – when things get busy and time seems tight, we try to cram even more in to this tight space which makes it even more challenging. Look at what’s filling your space, what is Urgent and Important from YOUR perspective and refine who you want to be… what you do and what you have will then become very clear and you can get on with being that immense human you want to be. In simplicity comes power… the power to value yourself enough to manage your schedule to help deliver for you.  
  • Remember who you want to be and why you care – you continually choose your space. Your career, your business, your collaborations are the result of your decisions to move in that direction. And it’s these things that often provide you with an opportunity to do more of what you really love… spend quality time with your family, take trips away, eat well, help others do the same in their space. Remembering the real reason behind you choosing to make quality decisions, to keep taking action and being the best version of you… will help you get clear on Why this matters and how you stay true to you. 

Re-remembering why you do things and what they actually mean to you, will help you stay true to those things that really matter. Build it in to your regular habits, reflect often on are your actions and thoughts aligned with what really matters… and above all embed this in the way those around you also operate and you will see your people flourish through their alignment…. something that’s truly powerful !

Share this with those in your world. If it allows one extra person to be inspired to make something new happen this week, it’s created value and helped us deliver our why. If you want to chat about building this in to your space, click “Free 20min chat” and let’s lock in a time to learn how you can make this happen for you.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.