Over the weekend we had the opportunity to attend a rare event of recent times…. a live music event. The crowd was loving being outdoors, the vibe was electric and the revelers were openly in a great space. The laughter and fun times were obvious.

So when you are looking to bring something similar and set a quality standard in your business, it makes sense that your attitude shows those in your teams what you expect. Leading with an attitude that matches the results you want, ie proactive and positive, inspires those around you to be the same

Getting up and ensuring you are in the best mindset takes small steps… so how do you get yourself in to this space? Here are 3 ways to consistently get in to your zone:

  1. Bring the Attitude you want others to have – it’s easy to assume everyone knows the attitude required at work. It’s important to go past this assumption, giving your team, your clients and your stakeholders exactly the attitude you want from them. Be the example and let them see what’s possible for them.
  2. Above or Below the Line – choosing where your focus will be either Above (Ownership, Accountability, Responsibility) or Below (Blame, Excuse, Deny). This makes it ok for those around you to choose to do the same. When you see someone owning their attitude… it sets them up to do the same. Choose wisely !!!
  3. Be the Energy – when things get busy and team members have challenging workloads, sometimes they need a slice of your energy to keep striving to make your vision happen. Showing them you have the energy… will help them keep moving forward. Check in and see how they can benefit from your attitude. .

Teams want and need to feel inspired. Bringing your energy will help them see the standard you want them to be operating at. Start it with you and give them something to follow.

Forward this on to those who will benefit from our regular tips. If you feel you need to implement these strategies and want to know where to start, let’s chat as we’d love to work to on getting you moving forward.

Cheers and have an awesome week!