It’s often said that true leaders are the ones who step up in the midst of a crisis. When the bushfires were happening two years ago, the then fire commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons maintained a presence and was known to bring credibility and honesty… often cutting through the political noise to ensure those on the ground were well informed and supported. This constant visibility gave those on the ground the motivation to keep moving forward… put simply they felt like they mattered and were much more than a number.

So the next 8 weeks are going to be a frantic time for you and your teams. It could be you who feels the overwhelm of how much work you have on your plate, how much you have to get done before the break, how much you still have left to achieve… but is that stepping up to lead? Remember the equation Visibility + Credibility = Profitability. This keeps us aligned and reminds us that if those around you have what they need from you, they are able to get on with their tasks so you can get on with yours… so we are all operating at the same time.

Paul Farmer standing with guys at the airport
So how can you make more quality decisions and continue to be that leader for those around you?

Here are some tips to help:

  • Know and live your Values – being aware of what you truly value, allows you to quickly assess whether a situation or person is asking you to go against these. Not being clear means you are more likely to go against what you believe in if making decisions under pressure. Get clear on your values, make them known to others and use them as a way to align expectations and results… Visibility
  • Be aware of who you are (Be Authentic) – when we deal with others, what they are buying first is the person. The product or service will be secondary… so give them the best version of you so they know the feeling they will get when they choose to work with you. Be honest, be vulnerable, be empathetic and be open to change with others…  Credibility
  • Value you and your Ability – when faced with a choice, back you and your skills to be able to take on an opportunity, or if not, refer to someone who may be a specialist. Either way, you are creating an opportunity to help someone with a pain point, something you are helping find a solution for. This will have them coming back to you, and prepared to go over and above for you, as you have solved their problem and helped them see a way forward… Profitability 

Today is a day where we have the ability to choose. We can choose to exhibit the standards we expect and inspire those around us by setting a quality example, or we can watch others do it and wish we had chosen differently. Either way, we are making a choice so why not make one that sees you be in control.

Share this with those in your networks. If it helps one person be inspired to make something new happen this week it’s added value. If you want to chat about embracing change, click on the “Free 20min chat” button and let’s chat about how you can make this happen and get immense outcomes.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.