Businesses can be a bundle of complexity… when you consider the areas that require your attention. From managing existing clients, to managing cashflow, to managing team members and managing the perceptions of potential clients…. there’s plenty for you to feel you have to control and influence. In the past month, this “management” list has created much frustration, as key areas have been neglected and it’s impacting results. Do you feel like you’ve dropped the ball in areas of your business where you were once in control?

For some, it will be the result of “not enough time”, others will blame “the actions of others”, some will use “i’m not trained in that so this gives me an excuse to not focus on it”. In the end this creates areas of inactivity and decisions that lead to you leaving so much value and potential on the table. Who’s missing out on the potential upside in this case….. I wonder.

So how do you get alignment and get on with delivering quality results across your business? We will use a car trip as an example to highlight 3 ways for you to control and influence your path:

Top 3 ways that will help you to gain success in business

  1. Set your destination – as a business you must be clear on where you are going. Where the vehicle’s destination and why you are going there is clear, then those who want to be on that journey get an understanding of your view of what’s ahead. Involving team members in this conversation can be valuable to gain alternate and innovative ideas.
  2. Set their destination – getting to know what team members want to achieve, and how this fits in to the destination of the business, is often overlooked. “Your role is to deliver our vision” is something we hear often… and you can imagine how that ends. Ask those on your car trip what music they would like to listen to, what travel sweets they like and what would they like to get out of the trip.

  3. Who is the right person – trying to control everything will end your growth potential. Getting clear on who is best to take on activities, keeping a long term view in mind, will create clarity. Including others early on, gives you an opportunity to build them up to take those activities going forward. Giving P plate drivers an opportunity to drive, getting someone else to fill the car up, asking someone else to plan the trip, outsource by getting an uber v driving… all act to ensure you have the right person taking on the activities.

Choosing to maintain complete control and restricting the access others have will stunt both your growth, and that of those around you. Give clear direction on what you are creating and why it matters, align the direction and path of those on your journey… and ensure you get the right person taking on activities with a view to having them own those activities going forward.

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