I’m going to be honest… I spent a lot of my professional life questioning my ability to create amazing value for those around me. I shrugged off my ability as just something that I had and constantly set the self expectation bar so high that it wasn’t often that I met my own standards. The perfectionist in me would constantly sabotage hitting my targets and limit me feeling stoked at smashing my targets… pretty crazy hey.

“Our business is a reflection of us” is a saying that has come up in most conversations this past week. If we are on point and are vested in what we are doing, we will have a business that is in flow because we actually care about it. We will experience the feeling that we so desperately want… generally true happiness.

So to help you embrace your value, there are some simple steps that will speed up the process:

  1. The Feeling – most set goals and make them the focus of what they spend their time chasing. But, to make them even more powerful, attach the feeling you will have when you achieve them. This feeling will add emotion to doing what’s required to get that feeling or risk missing out on getting it.
  2. Own you, your development & your standards – by investing in you, your mindset and backing your abilities… you create an environment to be recognised through getting quality outcomes. Success will drive even more of the feelings identified above… how good would that be !!!    
  3. What truly matters & do more – identifying the non value adding activities allows you to show you value your time enough to have someone else take these on. By delegating, outsourcing or dropping them you are attaching a relevant value to your time and creating more time do take on higher value activities. 

When you realise the amount of value you add and can prioritise your schedule to do more activities in this space, you get access to the feelings you want from your work & business. Consistently getting this feeling will drive you to keep striving for success.
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