Where is your passion? ….Having now had time to rest, reflect and appreciate all that 2016 was, I have found myself looking at 2017 in a very different light. Some major events in 2016 caused me to take a step back and re-assess what I am going to fill my time with… whether it be in my business, with friends and family and the hobbies I choose to be involved in. It’s not that I wasn’t on track, it was that I wanted to ensure I was staying true to my WHY… doing things that I am passionate about. Without taking the time to step back and look at all areas of my life, it is easy to lose sight of what drives you.

In all areas of my life I have chosen to march to the following passion : Inspire, Motivate and Have Fun. Why has this become my focus, i’ll give you a brief outline. Being someone who loves to help others, my WHY is just that. By helping people achieve great things, I create my reward through their happiness. To break it down:
# To Inspire others to be the best version of themselves, whether it is a person or an organisation, brings them success and satisfaction.
# To do this sometimes we need a little Motivation, added courage to take on what is needed to make those challenging decisions and chase that success
# In being inspired and motivated, sometimes it is too easy to lose sight of what makes staying true to our WHY easier… it’s Fun!!

So what are your passions and are you chasing after them? This week have a look at all sections of your life and ask yourself “Am I chasing something I am passionate about? Was I passionate about it and maybe lost my focus? Can I regain that focus and reignite the passion once again? If not, what decisions will I make to discover new passions?”. 2017 is going to be a year of chasing my passions and being true to my why… how about you?

Bring on this week and let’s remember to “Inspire, Motivate and have Fun”.


(Pic courtesy of Chris and Karen Cutler at Sportography