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It’s been an interesting year so far and we are seeing a lot of business leaders becoming conflicted. Their thoughts, words and actions have become misaligned… and their businesses and teams reflect this. From tiredness and frustration to rumblings of team disharmony and feeling there is a lack of direction… there are cracks starting to show in previously solid foundations. There are businesses that are either in Survival mode, Waiting for something to happen, or getting ahead of the pack and taking opportunities… which have you been part of over the past month?

When you focus purely on waiting for outcomes you set for yourself and your team to happen, the stepping stones to make these happen can be overlooked. The components that take your client’s from “I have a pain point I can’t fix myself” to “I want to tell everyone about how you helped us get what we wanted”… can be overlooked when we are simply surviving.  By focusing on purely surviving, you miss opportunities that come up and you limit your ability to make them happen… which is why you need to back the way you operate and trust that the results will come.

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So when you find yourself getting frustrated by not acting with Integrity, here are a couple of things to help get you back creating awesome results:

Top things you can follow to create awesome results

  1. Get clear on what you are working towards – whether it’s your own career, your business or that of your team… knowing what your end game is helps create alignment and you can identify things that will motivate and drive you to make it become a reality. Identify these, clearly define them and set them as the space you want as the result of your effort. Then set them in the background and as you go ensure you keep one eye on them, as you want to know that your effort is moving you towards them.
  2. Respect the steps – climbing a rocky mountain is made more challenging when you are constantly looking at the top. Having set your direction, focus on where you are placing your feet, keep looking for ways to improve your path and ensure your team are also focussed on looking at what’s at their feet. As you go check in and get an understanding of whether there are ways you all could be more efficient and get to the top of the mountain quicker, more safely and have more fun as you go. The little steps you take to keep moving you forward are what’s going to make the difference.  
  3. Back yourself – being able to trust what’s at the end of the road and focus on what’s required to get there, takes courage. It also takes a belief that you have everything you need now to make it happen. You’ve got what it takes and you have the team to make it happen… it’s now over to you to keep focussed on doing the little things well consistently. Be the leader, be the example and be the one who works with their team to ensure they have what they need to be successful… and you will be successful. 

When you are aligned with what your time, effort & money is working towards, you acknowledge the importance of the steps to create this. The feeling that comes from going through a process and achieving the targets you want, makes the process a valuable thing. Refine this process and give others the power to identify ways to be even better… will have you delivering top shelf results consistently with a team that love their space.

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Have an awesome week and look forward to hearing about your wins.