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Sick of getting the same results and want to create a clear direction for your business? Getting the results you want from your business, your team and yourself can be challenging and takes plenty of your time, effort and money… often these are classified as scarce resources.

By getting clarity & direction in what you want to achieve from you and your business, you are choosing to take the first and most important step towards being successful. A clearly defined roadmap of where you currently are, where you want to be and what it will feel like when you get there, will allow you to set a strategy that matters and that you will be motivated to make happen.

Our initial Strategy session is designed to get this clarity and direction before we work out the How… setting up what matters and the desired results you want.

How Strategy helps you add value

Challenging your current status and mindset allows you to:  

  • Articulate pain points and identify what needs to change

  • Get clear on what you want out of resetting your Strategy

  • Identify what you are choosing to focus on and what you should be focussing on

  • Are you prepared to give up control to allow growth to happen

  • We think outside the square to expand the options available – we get creative

  • We have some fun along the way

How do we make Strategy happen? 

  • Before we agree to work together, we have a no obligation free 20min call (this is on us), to see whether we will be a good fit for each other and whether we will be able to add value. We will be honest if we don’t think there is a match… as we expect you will be with us.

  • When we agree there is potential for us to create an insane amount of value by working together, we will prepare a proposal which will outline the way we operate, our T’s & C’s, etc. We will not undertake any work until this is agreed, signed and returned to us.

  • Once we are signed on, we will organise a time for our Strategic Discovery session. This session, usually up to 2hrs, is designed to get clear on what you want to achieve, the business you want and document your desired direction and outcomes. From this session, we will give you an outline of what matters to you and why you are building a business; What you want your business to look like in 12 months, what 3 – 5 goals you have to create this business…. and most importantly what feeling you will have when you make this happen.

  • Post this initial session, we will schedule regular conversations to help make your new direction come to life. We will identify ways to implement efficiencies and create momentum, we will inspire you to create the life you want, we will hold you accountable to your outcomes and challenge your mindset regardless to the results you are getting.

  • We will work with you either face to face or utilise the amazing technology available these days via phone or Zoom calls, whichever is more convenient based on time / cost / geographical location

  • Our openly stated aim is: To get you results as quickly as possible… so you can maximise your time / effort / money and enjoy the benefit of your investment

  • Be warned…. we will hold you Accountable and Challenge your current way of thinking… that is a Guarantee !




About Paul Farmer, Mentoris CEO and Business Coach

With a background in finance, business strategy and leadership, Paul has built a reputation as a business mentor responsible for getting the best out of business owners and leaders. His calm and measured ways help create an environment where quality results are created, and growth is delivered for any business or large organisation.  

For the best business mentor Brisbane and the Gold Coast has to offer, contact Paul Farmer at Mentoris. If you are a business owner seeking business mentoring support from someone with many proven years experience, you’ve come to the right place. 

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