The past 2 weeks has seen quality business owners challenging the way they do business. For some, it’s been through elements that have been outside of their control. For others, it been by design and the following has been a common theme “We are tired of running things based on gut feel and would love to get some structure to maximise the use of our time, effort and money”. Business leaders have been asked to make big decisions in an uncertain space… and it has seen some take their eye off the real prize.

I totally get it and you know what…. it’s ok. With an interesting start to the year, it’s a perfect time to look at your space and ask, “Is this how I want my space to continue to look and feel?”. The beauty of being a leader is that we get to take ownership of our space and to influence everything that happens. Whether it’s making that phone call to check in on a client, making time for those in your team who also are feeling the uncertainty, or making family time where you are 100% present a priority… these form part of your strategy to create a space that makes you feel good.

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Lets chat about growing

So how do you create a clear strategy for you, one that sees you adding a bucketload of value both for you and those around you?

Here are a few items that we’ve seen work: 

  1. What matters – when are you most invested in what you are doing and motivated to create success… when you are doing things that matter to you. Whether it be adding new clients, working towards deadlines or delivering a new product to market… it’s not actually that thing that matters, it’s the feeling you get when you make it happen. Proud, relieved, stoked, happy… all of these things come up when you make things happen. This is what truly drives you, so get clear on what this will be and use it to propel you forward   
  2. 12 months time – understanding what you are working towards makes it easier to identify where your time, effort and money should be focused. Standing this time next year and identifying what you want your space to look and feel like creates a picture of what you are wanting to achieve. For you this is powerful as it gives you your focus points. For those around you, it’s equally as powerful as now they also have an understanding of what you are focusing on… which helps them work with you to make this vision happen.
  3. Next steps – having a strategy clear in your mind is perfect… for you. When you have others around you who are involved in delivering this strategy, it pays to have them understand why it matters to you, what their part in it is and what it means for them. Having this clear will align your effort and see you all working towards a common outcome…to experience the feeling that comes with success. The next steps you take will be the most important… so be clear what these are and what they are moving you towards.  

To be in alignment is a powerful space. Being aligned with what you want to achieve, looking at what those around you want to achieve, and the feeling you will experience in this space… this is what shifts the growth path of both you and those around you. Get clear on your strategy, know why it matters and what your action steps are to make it happen…  and this will see you transform your space.

Send this to those who want to create a journey on their terms. We love helping quality humans create time for them and their teams… hopefully this will help them going forward.  If you want to include this in your space and need an independent perspective, click the link above and let’s get you aligned.

Have an amazing week.