It’s interesting how often we hear how we now live in a complex world and that it’s not what it used to be. Life was much simpler when we were kids as we simply focused on having fun, doing things that made us feel good and chose to hang out with those who were like us… those who weren’t, went off and made their own groups and had their own fun. Times were so simple and it was fun….. so what changed for you?

Last week was a week for talking about feelings and emotion… something most consultants tend to pass off as something generally you can’t quantify or track. Yet our experience has shown by identifying and embracing these, you have a greater influence on your quantifiable numbers. See deep down, you still want that feeling playing in the back yard with your mates. You want to do more of those things that bring back those emotions. It’s those who are prepared to embrace that feeling and incorporate it into the way they operate, who will be set you apart from the rest.

So, how do you incorporate emotion and feeling in to your business at all levels?

Here are 3 ways we’ve found to build your strategy and make this happen:

  1. Identify the feeling – whether it is you, your team members, your clients or your stakeholders… everyone has an invisible sign around their neck saying “I want to feel special”. For you as a leader, it’s your role to identify what “special” means to them and how to tap in to this. If you show you see their special, how they can feel that way and how you will help them feel this way… do you think you will have them engaged and wanting to help you build your business?
  2. Embrace and Engage the emotion – you, your clients, your stakeholders and your team members all have pain points. Your ability to identify these, show you have a solution and have them embrace the feeling they will have once solved… will set you apart from other leaders. Have them sit in that space of “my problem’s been solved”… and create a connection to what they really want.
  3. Continue the touchpoints – emotional connection fades when it’s not maintained. So with team members, family members, clients, stakeholders… how often do you check in to see how they are going? This helps them re-remember that you still see that invisible sign around their neck, that they are special and that they are important. Do you think this would ensure they keep that feeling…. I do.

Having those around you “Feel the Feeling” will give a sense of what they will have. A successful business, a close family, a successful career, a list of satisfied customers…. these are all what we think we are chasing. In reality, it’s the feeling that these things give us that matter. Help others embrace this in their space and you will have it come back to you in spades.

Is your business missing some emotion in it’s strategy? Make now the time to get clear on your strategy. Remove the haze and give your teams the vision that they need to focus on. Want help to do this, let’s chat as we love working with business owners to create clarity. Click on one of the links to set up a business strategy Check-in to see how you can get the ball rolling on your momentum.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.