Happy New Year to you and your teams. We are excited to be entering a new year, as it provides you with an opportunity to reset the picture of what you will make happen this year.

You have an opportunity to look at 2021 and ask yourself a couple of things…

  1. What worked for us and how can we do more of this
  2. What did we learn over the past year and how can we use these learnings to create an even better space this year
  3. What was the feeling we left 2021 with and is that the feeling we want in 2022

The exciting thing is that YOU get to choose what you will make this year be… you get to chart the path you want to take, you get to create the picture of your space by the end of 2022 and you get to set the feeling you want to be experiencing. This creates a blank canvass which you get to create.

So before you push off and start charging head first in to another year, ask yourself the following questions and create a picture of 2022 that both stretches and excites you…

Ask yourself the following questions

  • What did we do well last year and how can we do more of this
  • What did we learn and how can this shape the way we operate
  • How did we feel and what feeling do we actually want
  • What won’t happen if we don’t change things
  • What are the top 3 things we would like to make happen this year and how will it feel when we make them happen
  • Who do we need on our “team bus” and what role will they each play
  • How will getting an independent perspective help us ensure we continue on the path we most want to travel on

Making time to create this vision of 2022 now allows you to consider the past 12 months, acknowledge what’s worked, learn from the challenges and create a plan to make 2022 an immense year, both personally and for your business. If you would like help working through these questions, let’s chat as we have already run sessions like this this year.

Feel free to send this to all of your networks as i’m sure they will benefit from hearing this and getting a jump on 2022. We love helping quality humans create lives on their terms and to feel they are empowered to make a difference…   

Thank you and here is to a cracking 2022 !!!