This time three months ago you were sitting in a fresh new year, looking at the coming 12 months and postulating what amazing things were going to happen for you this year. To be honest, you were probably hoping that this year would follow a different path to the past 12 months… whether it be less of the bad or even more of the good. Is that close to the mark?

For some, there was hope that the negative challenges faced would be replaced with stories of successes and positivity and a feeling of relief. For some, there was hope that the exponential growth would continue, and their piece of the upside would be even greater… another 12 months like the past 12 months with the inclusion of the learnings would do nicely thank you !

So what have you done to make this year the year you hoped for? Have you made things happen… have you built new relationships, have you enhanced existing relationships, have you sought new and exciting work to ensure your teams are being developed and challenged? Or have you fallen in to the “I’m too busy to do any of the growth focused stuff (the exciting stuff) and i’ll just stay in that comfortable comfort zone”…. we’ve seen both ends of the spectrum already this year. A tip… the ones challenging their comfort zones (not the ones being challenged) are the ones getting the larger piece of the upside in a disrupted market.

So are you where you wanted to be by now? Has the strategy gone out the window and you are back to running things based on gut feel ? It’s ok if this is you… you aren’t alone trust me. However there are things we can do now to create that deliberate growth you want.

Here are the top 3 ways for you to create growth

  1. Accept you are where you are – by stepping back to look at your first 3 months, you will get a picture of what’s happened. Accept the results… own the success stories and celebrate them; at the same time own the crap as well… once you accept all of what’s happened, it’s only then that you have a starting point to make a plan to move forward. Be honest in your assessment, as this will give you a true wall to push off… like pushing off from the end of a swimming pool.
  2. The gold is in the Learnings – the actions and results will tell us a story. We put on that extra team member who is working out a treat; we spent too much time focussing on things we couldn’t control and influence so got frustrated; we spent a lot of time quoting for work our ego told us we should be chasing; we didn’t manage our cashflow well enough so we are now behind the eight ball. These have all happened, so accept they have and move on. Learn from these lessons, the good and the bad, and change things in the next 90 days to show you have learnt. If not, be prepared to have similar results come your way.
  3. It’s your time to shine – as kids, we were always given the following encouragement “you are only ever as good as your next performance”. The main photo of the diving sportsman is a quality example of this. 2 mins before this photo was taken, that same player had had a shocker and felt like he could have lost the game. Then he pulls out this effort and wins the game. You can choose to make this next 90 days what you want it to be. Are you a Peli-cant or a Peli-can; be the one who makes things happen; be that leader who recognises what needs to change this quarter and works with their team to have them included in this plan. Your time is now !!

Being short on time and struggling to get things done the way you want them done is your doing. We choose how we spend our time… to take work on or choose to say no; to not spend time with our teams to understand what’s impacting their ability to deliver a quality product; to choose to make time to spend with your families. When we have a clear starting point, an understanding of how to do things better and that it’s up to us… we make better decisions more often.

Do you need someone to help you with that honesty you need to restart your growth ambitions? If yes, let’s chat as we want to see quality people reach their potential. Click on the links to set up a Check-in to see how you can get the ball rolling on your momentum.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.