work and coffee alone in the mountains
work and coffee alone in the mountains

Within the last week we have seen a number of examples where the restrictions that were placed on us, have been somewhat eased. We in Brisbane now have the ability to visit family members who are close by, travel up to 50km to exercise… all within the realms of exercising caution and good judgment. It was refreshing to be able to safely experience the increased freedom and be around loved ones. 

With this new found freedom, comes opportunities for some businesses to consider re-opening, for organisations to consider restarting their operations and for teams to reset their outlooks and begin planning for the what’s next. This is still an uncertain time, yet it’s one where those businesses who are putting in the work will see benefits over the next six months. Those who are focusing on survival and what’s coming next will be in prime position.



Climbing a Mountain.jpg
Climbing a Mountain.jpg

To ensure you are ahead of the pack and positioning yourself to be the first choice when things do re-open, here are a couple of tips to help you prepare:

  • Be in front of your ideal clients  – this is a perfect opportunity to consider who you actually want to work with and how to build collaborations with them. Being clear and identifying these early, allows you to build on your existing networks and connections  
  • Invest in your teams – adding skill sets, building confidence, developing trust and having a clear & flexible strategy will have your team also ready to take on more opportunities. Investing in them will add certainty in an otherwise uncertain time.     
  • Be visible and interesting  – I learned this years ago from a marketing connection. Letting those you would love to work with know you are still in existence, you are still adding value and you are keen to help them when they are ready to go will see you in pole position.

This “recovery” may take 3 months, it may take 6 months… we currently don’t know exactly. What we do know is that by investing in us, our businesses and our teams, we WILL be at the front of the queue when things start to really open up. Front and centre showing the coach that we are ready to fire because we’ve put in the work in the off season. 

Forward this on to those who need this right now. We’d love to help businesses and business owners see options to develop momentum in these times. With Zoom platform, we can work with businesses all over the world so distance isn’t a barrier.

Stay safe, keep looking forward and remember that “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me”

Paul Farmer
Managing Director