Brisbane Business Coaching - “Work Smarter not Harder”

Brisbane Business Coaching – “Work Smarter not Harder”

Greatness comes by doing a few small and smart things each and every day. Comes from taking little steps, consistently. Comes from a making a few small chips against everything in your professional and personal life that is ordinary, so that a day eventually arrives when all that’s left is The Extraordinary. Robin S. Sharma

“I don’t have enough time in the day to get all the things on my list done” is the most common excuse used for why businesses and teams are not successful. Too many distractions, too many other priorities, too many deadlines… not enough time to get my work done. I heard it 3 times in one group sharing this week… you ever experienced this feeling? What does it mean to ‘work smarter’?

A common fact which tends to be overlooked is that we all have the same amount of hours in the day… 24. It’s how we choose to fill these hours that makes the difference in the results we get. Some choose to start the day with exercise, meditation, sleeping in, family time… others read first up for 2 hrs then start work related activities. It’s important to recognise we are all different and depending on what you want to achieve will drive your levels of prioritisation and areas of focus.

Here are 3 tips to help you work smarter and how you spend your time:  

  1. Plan – Start your day with an outline of the priorities you have, the non-negotiable activities and what you plan to get achieved from the day. They say “Structure gives you Freedom”, so starting with a plan gives you an idea what’s already due to be accomplished 

  2. Prioritisation – we often start the day with an outline of what we want to get achieved and then the day happens. Even when things come from left field, check in on where this fits in the priority and place it in the cue based on urgency

  3. Manage Expectations – When things come at you during the day, don’t automatically say yes and assume this needs to be done instantly. Ask the question of “when is this due and is it ok for me to get it to you at a future time (later today, tomorrow…) as i’m in the middle of something important. By asking this question you find out when something can be scheduled in. 

This week, check in on how you are managing your time and how efficient you are currently. Have you been using time as an excuse and is it time to apply the tips above to see how you can change your results.      

Feel empowered to forward on to those in your networks who will also get value from our regular tips. If you want to build your capacity to delegate, send us a note at and we’d love to chat about helping you build a better business or team.

Have an awesome week!

Paul Farmer
Managing Director