This past weekend has been dominated by sport… Rugby finals, the Rio Olympics and the regular Saturday sport for those with children. Throughout all of this, a common theme was present relating to more than the sporting arena. 

All these events were a culmination of effort over time. The competitors didn’t just turn up one day and say “I’ll play in a grand final today or I think I will compete in the women’s single sculls today at Rio”…. it was weeks, months and in many cases, years of dedicated work getting to that moment.

When their journey started they were, most likely, clear on their what they wanted as an outcome. Yet to get there, they had to tackle the challenges and tough times that come with striving for those targets times, those grand final dreams, those outcomes. When faced with these challenges, they indeed had options… to sit down and say “It’s all too hard, I’m not good enough, I can’t” OR to refocus on where they had come from, what their dreams were and push through, towards that end point.

When starting out on such a journey it is likely we’ll face challenges and tough times. When these come, we must recognize although sometimes not obvious at first, we always have options. We also need to remember that others may be able to help sorting out what those options are. Make that call, have that conversation, consult with that friend…. there are options regardless of the outcome.

Whether we are facing challenges or wanting to challenge ourselves to step up, take a moment to ask yourself “Is this my only option”…. you may find an upside in there which keeps you on the path to success.

Have an awesome week!