The past weekend we had the opportunity to spend some time on the Gold Coast. It was a last minute decision but one that was driven by a desire to build a network, experience something different and also feel the sand in our toes and hear the sound of the ocean…. all the things that act as ways to recharge our batteries. Do you sometimes feel like you need to get out of your “zone” and experience something different, making you even more grateful for the space you choose to be in?

We came across these impressive structures pictured and they instantly had an impact. They were standing proudly, larger than the other buildings in the area, seemingly saying “We are setting the new example of what a high rise building should look like in this area”. It then got our minds relating it back to business. “If you want others to achieve an expected level, be the example of that level and let them see what it takes”. It actually shifted something in us as we reflected on the past week and whether we had been that leader for those around us…. and honestly there were a couple of areas of improvement needed.

Commercial buildings near the beach

So when you are looking to be that example, be that leader, be that “Impressive High Rise on your beach”, there are a number of key areas which will add value to you and those in your circles:

key areas which will add value to your business team

  • Stand tall and be proud – your business or your team is your business or your team and if those at the top aren’t proud of what they are creating… then it gives those under them the feeling that what they are being asked to build and work hard creating doesn’t really matter. Be the one that oozes pride, that loves telling others about their team and the success they share in… and the quality of the humans they get to work with. Shoulders back and strut (in your way) some would say…
  • Thank you’s are free – “it takes no time and costs you nothing” was a phrase I muttered to an ex leader I worked with when I felt under appreciated for the work we were doing… and to this day it’s stuck with us as an example of what’s expected. We all want to feel like we matter and are important, so be the one who steps up to the plate and creates an environment where you recognise success, you recognise learnings and you thank those around you for being quality humans and making a difference.  “it takes no time and costs you nothing”
  • Be OK with being Vulnerable –  it’s ok to show others around you that you are vulnerable, you don’t have all the answers and that you need their help to be successful… in other words “it’s ok to be human”. And as humans we buy in to the person first, not the thing. So this shows others it’s ok to be human and ask for help to be successful… then they too will feel comfortable doing the same. Soon you will have team players who feel like you care about them not just the numbers they are producing… and this is powerful. 

Standing on the beach listening to the sound of the ocean reminded us of what truly matters and how by being the one to set the standard and be the example, gives others the opportunity to see who they can be and the standard they can set themselves. If you can have it and experience it… so to can others have it.

Share this with those in your networks. If it helps one person be inspired to make something new happen this week it’s added value. If you want to chat about embracing change, click on the “Free 20min chat” button and let’s chat about how you can make this happen and get immense outcomes.

Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.