Leader speaking to a group of business owners

“No leader, however strong, can succeed at anything of national importance or significance unless he has the support and cooperation of the people he is tasked to lead and sworn to serve.”
Rodrigo Duterte

 Over the past few days i’ve been involved in conversations with business owners who are starting to feel the pressure. The pressure of being a leader in times of uncertainty, like we are experiencing at the moment and could do for some time, is real. Decisions generally result in either continue on the same path, do nothing or a change of direction. The quality of your decision making can be influenced by things like trying to manage others expectations, fear of being judged on the decision and the results, fear of disappointing others….. which all funnel back to our underlying “fear of not being good enough.” This is what i’ve identified through my experience at least.

As leaders, we are in a position where we can control and influence decisions that are made in our business. Empowering those who have an impact on our business, whether they be internal or external, at the top or at entry level roles, we have the ability to do all we can to ensure the people impacting our business feel they can make quality decisions and get great results for your business.   

Leader sitting with students

So when we are looking to create better quality decisions in our businesses, how do we go about it ? Here are some things I’ve experienced and used personally to improve the quality of the decision making process:

  • It’s free and takes little or no time  – thank those people who are making the decisions. When they do something that has a positive impact on you…. let them know. Give them the feedback so they know their decisions are having a positive impact.  

  • Leaders are human – while the boss or senior management may seem to be operating at a different level, behind all the status and title is a person. Show me one person who doesn’t enjoy being told they are doing a great job and that you are grateful for their actions. You think this will bring on more of the same ?

  • We are all in this together – being empowered to pump up the tyres of those around you is a role we can all play. When someone does something that works or took great courage…. give them a virtual high 5, tell them how good it was, let them know you appreciate it. This will breed a culture of making more decisions more often !!  

Now, more than ever, it is vital that those making key decisions feel supported. The more support they have, the more confident they will be, the better quality the decision will be and the better the results you will get. Choose to thank those above you, beside you, around you, below you…tell them you appreciate their effort in a challenging time and is there anything now you can do to help them.

Forward this on to those who need this right now. Please get in contact if you need a sounding board for your current situation… we would love to help add value where we can.

Stay safe, keep looking forward and remember…. “If you need an ear… we’re here.”

Paul Farmer
Managing Director