This weekend was an opportunity for a charity that we choose to be involved with, The Mini Farm Project, to be part of an organised event showcasing urban farming and growing food for those in need. It highlighted a growing trend of people wanting to understand where their food comes from and how to be as “natural” as possible. The energy on the Samford Valley site was electric and people were super engaged… this was no coincidence.

See the CEO of the project, Nick Steiner (pictured with a gardening guru), has an energy that is infectious. He is operating at an energy level that is often what others are needing. Do you often feel like you need some energy to take on challenges / activities… i know I do. Being that source of energy for others will help them operate at that next level… win win in my books.

3 effective energy management techniques to follow

So to see the true benefits for you and those in your circles, you need to manage your energy. To do this, here are a couple of tips to help:

  • It’s about more than just you – your energy will help you smash your own goals, and it will also help others operate at a level that will help them achieve theirs. Operate with intent, shift the energy in a conversation or a situation so that others involved see what’s possible. Adding energy and passion to that conversation will shift the outcome.
  • Get your Inspiration – when your cup is empty, it’s challenging to be the one providing that extra boost for others. Invest in you, take regular moments to focus on what rebuilds your energy levels so you can keep being the one sharing with others. If you a leader, this is even more important and useful to drive your business success, as the leader should always be a role model for others to follow and see what’s possible.
  • Tie it to your outcomes – if I operate at an energy level that inspires someone else to operate at a higher level… that’s going to get better results isn’t it ? Your example you set will drive more activity, better communication and a higher output level… exactly what we are looking for.

These two guys in the main photo are living proof that bringing an energy level to an activity gets better results. Many feel inspired when they are in their presence… and there was a trail of people feeling that over the weekend. Be that for you, your team and your customers and you will reap the rewards.

Forward this on to those needing it right now, as we love to help business owners and business leaders create momentum. If you are interested in supporting The Mini Farm Project, please check out their website here.
If you need more advice on how to boost your energy and improve your productivity, let’s chat!
Have an awesome week and look forward to connecting soon.